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Why is the background so blurry?

You would be surprised how often this question is asked! If you have asked this question, please know that it is a common question!

The answer is two-fold. The first reason I choose this is to direct the focus to the subject intentionally. When too many things are in-focus, it can be distracting and all of the items will compete to be the main focus of the image.

The second reason this is happening is simply the lens. I use a lens with a long focal length (long "zoom") which makes the background seem creamier and I use a wide-open aperture which creates a nice bokeh or blurry background. It is especially nice to use if you are in a busy city or if the background would otherwise be distracting.

Overall the background is blurry to retain the focus on the people being photographed. We want your eye to first go to you and not to the tree behind you!

If you do not like the look of that and you see that a photographer has it in all of their images, you can and will eventually find a photographer that keeps their background sharp too and schedule with them! The beauty that I love with photography is that there is a photographer out there for everyone and their styles!

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