I am a little bit stubborn. When someone decides something for me, when someone tells me I can not or will not accomplish something, I set out to prove them wrong. When I was pregnant with my second child I was told that I would not take as many pictures of her as I did my first baby. Naturally, I set out to prove them wrong. I purchased a Panasonic Lumix that had the option to set the shutter speed and f/stop manually and I learned the camera! I took pictures of everything! I then got a Canon Rebel XTi, I learned that camera inside and out and started taking some free photography sessions. After some time and learning, I started charging $25 a session, and worked my way up to $40. I upgraded to a Canon 60D and then a Canon 6D. I acquired various lenses along the way. I completed the New York Institute of Photography distance learning course (though I never did officially mail the last few lessons in) and I have spent hundreds of hours reading and watching online workshops and learning everything that I can about photography. I now shoot with a Canon R Mirrorless and I am currently obsessed with my 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. The gear doesn't matter though until you learn your camera inside and out!