Stevenson Park, Friendswood

This park has nice greenery, a trail, a bridge, a gazebo, and a flower garden in the right season. There is usually plenty of parking!

Dixie Farm Road Park, Houston

The tall trees are magical as the setting sun breaks through. I love the tree-covered trails and the open trail on the side. Every spot of this park is gorgeous. Parking lot is small so carpool if you can!

Masters Road, Manvel

I love the metal door at the school (will drop the location when we schedule) and The Church on MastersRoad has a gorgeous field!

National Oak Park, Alvin

A gorgeous bridge, greenery, and cemented trail. red door, cement stairs at the church next door. Lots of photo backdrop options!

Shadow Creek nature Trail


Gorgeous Greenery and moderate walking required. Gorgeous trees and a trail.

Little Ranch Farm, Santa Fe

Usage Fee to rent property

Colored wall, Texas flag wall, greenhouse, rustic truck, pond, old piano, swing, colored doors, on and on. There are so many different looks and feels. it is magical!

Butler Longhorn Museum, League City

Gorgeous wooden doors, greenery, white walls, water, docks, stairs, and so many more options!

Frankie Carter Randolph Park, Friendswood

Lots of greenery, the sun breaks through the trees and different times of day. Gorgeous area!

Bungalow Gardens, Dickinson

Usage Fee to rent property

This is a little piece of paradise right here! There are colorful walls, plants and flowers galore. There are so many fun photo spots! Small parking area.

League Park, League City

Gorgeous trees, red brick sidewalk,white gazebo, lots of various backgrounds photo photo-ops.


Usually loaded with flowers, small waterfall,  cute tall clock, gorgeous line of trees outside the fence. Beautiful location.

Resoft Park, Alvin

This park is gorgeous around sunset. There is water, docks, a bridge, grassy areas, and water.

Challenger 7 Park, Webster

This park is gorgeous!

Water, Mossy trees, trails, and so many options! It is so pretty!

The Picture House, Santa Fe

Usage Fee, Ample Parking, Air Conditioning, Gorgeous and fun!

Other locations that I am wanting to get some session examples for: Bay Area Park, Walter Hall, Sprout Studio Kemah