September 24, 2022

What I wish I knew when starting photography.......

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One thing that I wish I had known when starting photography.....

I remember starting photography in 2008. Wait.... I have been a photographer for 14 years!! Wow. Ok. When I first started I was told by seasoned photographers to get good glass aka buy quality camera lenses. I did not listen and let's just say, a lot of money was wasted!

I remember buying my first new lens. It was the $99 50mm 1.8 lens from Canon. Now it is good and all but when I got the $900- 135mm f/2 lens it was a game changer. The bokeh, the sharpness, the quality is amazing!

My suggestion is to buy when you can afford to start, master your camera, and once you start using it to make money, hustle, save, and buy a good quality lens. They are not cheap but they are worth every single penny!

Also I wish someone would have warned me about burnout.

Sometimes you just get tired.

Sometimes you need a break.

Sometimes you just have to do things to feed your creative soul.

Burnout is real and you need to be aware!! You can get through it and come out even better but it is hard!

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