June 17, 2023

Digital "Film" Point and Shoot Cameras

Papershoot Camera

The first point-and-shoot camera that I tried was the Papershoot Camera. It is SO CUTE!

You can buy yours here

I love that these are eco-friendly, CUTE, and so easy to use.

Just a couple of examples of the image quality. The price is pretty fair, I am contemplating buying myself another!

Camp Snap Camera

The second camera that I have recently tried is the Camp Snap Camera.

This little camera is cheap and cute!

My 8 year old LOVES it so much! The quality is ok for the price and it is extremely easy to use.

All in All

I recommend both cameras! They help you ditch the screens and just snap some pictures and be in the moment!

They work for adults and for kiddos!

They are affordable and so much fun for everyone!