October 5, 2022

Before and After

Before and After

I love a little before and after.

I sometimes hear people boast that they do not edit their images.

It's not a flex.

Photoshop is literally your digital darkroom.

In the film darkroom, you can dodge and burn and edit your print images, now you do that in photoshop. If you shoot in RAW you HAVE to process it in some way anyways to get it into picture form.

Sister was behind the kiddos not wanting to take the picture but they were so cute I took it anyways and took her out in photoshop.

If I didn't edit part of her head would still be there!

You can make masterpieces in photoshop!

One tip is to get it right in the camera though.

Don't shoot stuff wrong knowing you can edit later.

Limit distractions in the photo, and get the lighting and exposure right in the camera.

Make magic in photoshop!

Have fun with it!

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